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The dairy industry and its benefits

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The dairy sector has a wide variety of products that strengthen the food chain. Here we will tell you about the main data and the benefits it brings to your health.

1. Did you know that Colombia is the fourth largest consumer of milk in Latin America? We are surpassed by Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.

2. The main component of milk is protein, especially casein and whey. In addition, it provides vitamins A, B, D, E and cholesterol. It is rich in minerals, especially calcium, essential for bone growth and strengthening.

3. Milk has multiple derivatives, including yogurt, cheese, curd, butter and ice cream, among others.


There are 3 milk systems for sanitization that are currently marketed worldwide:

Pasteurized milk: Pathogenic germs are eliminated by bringing the liquid to 72 degrees Celsius for 15 seconds, but bacteria that are characteristic of the product persist. Requires to be refrigerated
Sterilized milk: All the germs that the milk brings are eliminated, taking it to 120 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes, which allows it to be stored at room temperature for several months; but it loses much of the nutrients.
UAT (Ultra High Temperature) Milk: Milk reaches 145 degrees Celsius for 2 seconds and is packaged in a subsequent aseptic packaging, achieving sterilization without reducing its nutrients and flavor.


Milk also has 3 physical states:

Liquid: It has 87% water in its composition
Condensed: Part of the water is removed by evaporation under vacuum
Powder: Dries, leaving just 4% or less water in its composition. Allows to extend its useful life up to 3 years


For nutritional content, there are 6 types of milk:

Whole: Contains all its nutrients
Half-skim: Half the fat is removed
Skim: does not contain fat
Fortified: Adding vitamins and calcium
Enriched: Adding nutrients such as omega 3 or fiber
Lactose-free: Lower lactose content.

7.  Finally, the main milk producer in the world is the United States, and the main consumer is India.

Now that you know all the benefits that the sector brings in different products, we invite you to follow our content and expand your knowledge in this field.

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