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Info for Entrepreneurs: Challenges and Opportunities

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In the year 2020 with the global challenges, the markets are forced to review alternatives to be able to adapt to digitization in an accelerated and immediate way. Being in digital media became a necessity and many of the small, medium, and even large entrepreneurs were not prepared for this change. If your company does not yet have these types of channels, it is important to review a strategy to open new relationship and purchase opportunities.

- In addition to offering new ways of communicating and selling, the use of technology can also help to improve the production of companies, achieving a better optimization of expenses and productivity.

- Having technological tools increases and facilitates innovation in companies and efficiency in the delivery or fulfillment of results.

- Each company has a different process, which must include a comprehensive transformation plan, education for the adoption of new technologies and project the adaptation and life cycle.

- It is important that, in the digitization processes, they train their staff so that together they can face the moments of doubt or uncertainty that this type of change imply.

- Worldwide, the implementation and adoption of technologies in sectors such as humanity or the economy has increased

- The companies that have made this change and process their own, have been able to grow in productivity and competitiveness, and have also improved their customer base and its management.

- Another of the positive aspects that are presented is the improvement in the communication of information and the ease of obtaining feedback that helps to make effective decisions and strategic approaches.

- Some of the outstanding uses of technology are tools to open digital channels, implementation of sensors, ease of connectivity and access to information.
In conclusion, in Colombia and in the world, we are in constant change, in search of achieving the digital transformation of sectors and businesses, and although there have been accurate and timely advances in this regard, it is important to highlight that, around one in three Colombian companies do not have the technological tools to be part of the change.

In response to this reality, new access possibilities have been opened, such as Conpes 3975 that encourages digital transformation and productivity, and new programs such as the lines of action for digitization developed by iNNpulsa Colombia. If your company has this need, we invite you to connect with these possibilities and make these advances a reality for your business.

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