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Trends in food and beverages, in the coming years

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These new proposals in this sector are designed to help companies prepare, participate, and prosper from the evolution of consumer behaviors and attitudes over the next decade. Here we tell you about a few that stand out:

The activist approach
Consumers will turn to businesses to be the main forces for change on important social issues, segment companies could take advantage of this trend to include or establish activist approaches in their product innovation and communication activities.

Facilitate conscious consumption
Consumers will be more aware of their purchases and behaviors. They will take pride in their personal efforts and support companies that make them feel more judicious in their use of precious packaging and resources.

Healthy diets
Help Make A Healthy Planet
Conscious consumption habits will inspire more people to consider the environmental and ethical impacts of their diets. Consumers will have priority in their diets, the health of the planet will be their own. Consumption of animal products will be ocassionally and focus on ethically raised dairy and animal protein.

Personalization revolution
By 2030, more consumers will understand what makes them and their biological needs unique through more widespread access to testing and data collection technology. Consumers will turn to businesses to help them act on their data and offer them personalized food and beverages.

Sync with technology
Consumers will share their personal data with a multitude of Internet of enabled devices. Consumers will want the convenience of recommended shopping lists, recipes, and meals tailored to their taste, flavor, and texture preferences.

Feed your mind
People will use the results of data collection and biological tests to modify their diets and lifestyles to improve their brain health, mental states, and moods.

In science we trust
In the next 10 years, consumers will accept and trust more in the essential roles that science and technology play in ensuring access to affordable, safe, and nutritious food and beverages.

The agricultural revolution
Consumers will become more interested in agriculture and have more opportunities to experience and enjoy its benefits as alternative agricultural approaches are invented and replicated around the world.

Fear of "the processed"
With increased adoption of synthetic and laboratory ingredients, food, beverage, and foodservice companies must introduce high-tech solutions with clear explanations of the technology and its benefits to produce food and beverages more sustainably.

How does the current situation enhance these trends?
After the global spread of COVID-19, trends have taken new directions. For example, consumer demand for corporate social responsibility as outlined in the “Built-in Change” trend has focused on corporate efforts to protect and support people, employees, consumers, and food supplies. Meanwhile, ingredients with the potential to enhance immunity will be essential to the multifaceted approach consumers take to their diets, as seen in the “Smart Diets” trend. Finally, the global emphasis on letting science led the response to the pandemic will accelerate the progress of consumer confidence in food science and technology, as envisioned by the “High-Tech Harvests” trend.

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