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- It is a business model where several generations of a family are integrated for different activities, including teamwork for the workforce.

- 65% of the production in the rural area of the country is carried out under this type of work.

- Family farming is quite common in peasant families in Colombia.

- One of the aspects that occurs in this type of practice is that part of the production is intended for family consumption, and only the rest of this is what is implemented for commercialization.

- Some of the weaknesses of family farming is that sometimes they do not receive the necessary training to improve their performance and productivity. Rather, they do their jobs intuitively.

- About 23% of these work groups have access to technology and machinery

- Thanks to the work of these families in the field, we have access to perishable inputs and food in the country.

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Source: Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura, 2019 
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