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Advantages of implementing a data system

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The objective of this course is to know the generalities of the Validation, Homologation, and Information Quality Plan, which allows suppliers to know and understand the GS1 standard: Data Quality Framework, a global standard for the quality of product information.

One of the benefits of Compra Lo Nuestro is free access to the GS1 Barcode system, the most used in the world, for registered users at, the Colombian business social network.

Tatiana González Oviedo
Industrial Engineer, certified by SGS as an Auditor in Management Systems.
She has 3 years of experience auditing quality processes and proposing initiatives to follow up and monitor projects. Currently, she works as a data quality auditor, verifying compliance with GS1 Colombia standards at the level of product measurement rules, pictography, proper use of the barcode and criteria of version 2.0 in Homologation.


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