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Latest releases on Electric Household Appliances

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1. Televisions This must-have device for your living room or bedroom comes with 4K or ultra HD formats included on its screen. This allows you to watch images with greater resolution and see details that were unnoticed before. The TVs, with the latest technology, have also added a Bluetooth system for mobile device connection, in order to reproduce audio and video.

2. Stoves

Regarding the stoves, the technologic innovations have been concentrating on enhancing faster food cooking. The new stoves include more efficient burners in order to reduce the cooking time and they also come with a ‘termopar’ system that stops gas circulation in the absence of flame.

3. Ovens

Preparing gourmet food at home is not a difficult task anymore. Smart Ovens come with an LCD screen incorporated, which presents different cooking options. Also, this can be controlled through Google Assistant functions, which are included on Android Smartphones.

4. Cleaning Robots

¿Tired of sweeping and moping? This Little Friends equipped with ‘Artificial Intelligence’ will do these tasks for you, as they have options like wet mopping, dry sweeping or wet sweeping. These robots will make your house cleaner in less time.

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