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We speak with Merly Vanegas, interior designer to find out what's new in household appliances, furniture and decoration.

What trends in decoration are imposed in this 2020? And which ones will we see today?
• Memento desing:

What is the Incorporation in the decoration of articles and products with ethnic references.

• Everywhere like home:

Incorporating design elements that make the person feel at home, even if they are far from it.

• Disconection Space:

The incorporation of elements that bring nature closer through its materials and textures.

• Life is Co:

The incorporation of functional and transformable products that are capable of both responding to the needs of small spaces.

• Hyperdigital:

The incorporation of decorative elements with digitally manipulated patterns and colors. Futuristic and artificial environments are fostered.

• Sustainability Recoded:

The incorporation of reusable materials and creation of environments related to nature ”.

What are those trends based on?
M.V. “These trends come in response to the wave of minimalism and sobriety that we had last year. In these, the new ones, spaces with personal touch, elements with symbolism, bright colors, and there is also a mixture of styles, become important ”.

In furniture, how do these trends look?
M.V. “In furniture there is a mix of trends and materials. Some examples are dining room tables that combine wood and metal. In the fabrics there is a mixture of textures and in the colors the living ones prevail ”.

In the colors of the walls, how are these trends evident?
M.V. “There is a lot of color! As I said before, sober colors such as white, light gray or beige are no longer present. Instead, of these, strong, vibrant, striking colors prevail ... And this is also reflected in the wallpaper or wallpaper, since some of these come with textures that give 3D appearance, reliefs and following the world trend sustainability there are some come inspired by photographs of nature.

Is it expensive to adapt these trends at home?
M.V. "I think not, since companies and decoration products are aimed at adhering to these trends, so they are going to offer the consumer a diversity of elements and for all budgets.

What tips would you give us to adapt these trends at home?
M.V. "There are several that can work:
• Have an open mind to always change, risk experimenting.
• Allow the design trend we adopt in our home to make life easier for us.
• Avoid imposing furniture and colors in our spaces that do not allow us to live comfortably and in which we do not feel comfortable. ”

When do you recommend doing a decorative renovation at home?
M.V. “I think that any moment is good, but there is one key, and that is when you feel that the spaces (living room, dining room, kitchen, rooms, and even the office) are not working as they should. In other words, you don't carry out your activities as they should be and you don't feel happy ”.

We invite you to apply these trends at home and to know more content.

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