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Learn five steps to closer to sustainability

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In 2020, sustainability has been a transcendental topic that has come to influence most industries. The necessity of minimizing the impacts and damages to the planet have reached most sectors, urging them to search for different alternatives to develop their processes in the friendliest ways, the beauty business is not the exception. Following up, we share with you five practices that are being implemented, for you to take them into account in your work plan and start being a part of the changes that aim to take care and give back to the planet.

1.    We know that a 100% change in a short period of time is very complex for some brands, but the important thing is that you start migrating your product to sustainability. You can start checking that the packages are ecofriendly, recyclable and biodegradables.

2.    One of the most polemic points in the beauty industry is animal testing, if your company carries out processes this way, we encourage you to check other alternatives to make sure your product does not have secondary effects, one of these can be using ingredients you already know, for the combinations to be more effective and wise. Although changes can be difficult we encourage you to implement these actions, this way your company can avoid animal exploitation completely in a short-term period.

3.    Other way of contributing to the planet is giving back an action that is bigger than the impact generated by your brand, so if you still need any input that affects or impacts the environment in some way, you can compensate minimizing its carbon footprint or environmental.

4.    Choose better your raw materials and this is the best moment to explore Green Formulas for your new products, for this type of initiatives the formulation of concentrated products is employed, inputs are used in a more optimized way and in the process aim to have an important energy saving.

5.    Make your team aware of your initiative so that you can work together to apply sustainability in everyday life, this way you will have this in your DNA and it will be easier to apply important tactics in the work routine as well as in the product and services initiatives.  

We hope you can include these easy steps in your process in order to achieve together a more sustainable beauty industry each day. If you have questions regarding specific processes generated in your company, consult with experts on the topic and take the first step to achieve big changes step by step.