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Factors that influence our lifestyle

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Learn about five topics that can influence our culture, well-being and lifestyle.


  • The times: The times mark our tastes and preferences, not only in terms of customs but also in factors such as fashion and hobbies. For example, those who lived their childhood in the 90s are generally nostalgic for retro technological devices, for some fashion trends and some cartoon shows. 


  • The way to consume: The way in which we choose to consume also deeply marks our lifestyle to ideals. For example, people who decide to be responsible with the environment change their daily actions to be able to act more consciously with the resources or inputs provided. On the other hand, people who always decide to stay up-to-date and fashionable have different behaviors: they follow inspiring references and constantly seek innovation. Thus, the way you decide to consume defines various aspects of how you lead your lifestyle.


  • Your spaces: Your home reflects who you are, it is a space in which people generally put their hearts to the ideal adaptation and decoration according to the needs and personalities. In your house you carry out extremely important activities, so the space and how it is made also influences your behaviors, your ways of consuming and your lifestyle.


  • Pets: Today having a pet changes several aspects of your life, some millennials even postpone having children and prefer to acquire a pet. In Colombia, six out of 10 households have pets, which is why it is considered an unstoppable trend, which is increasing more and more. Having a pet considerably influences certain aspects such as preference plans, and even marks people's consumption.


  • Travel: Exploring traditions, cultures, flavors and legacies means that each trip can mark not only experiences but also our customs. Each trip is an inspiration in different aspects of our life, not only in the moment that is being lived but also some time later. For example, when you try different dishes, flavors and combinations, it will very surely motivate you to want to implement or experience a reference that has impacted you in your thing.

If you felt identified, share your experiences and tell us what aspects have influenced your lifestyle, using #econexia in your social networks.

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