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Women's day, key in the economic reactivation

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The celebration that takes place within the framework of International Women's Day will be key in the country's reactivation process, considering the boost it gives to several sectors of the economy.

Women's Day is the second most relevant date for the commercial sector in the first semester of the year, as confirmed by the figures provided by the National Federation of Merchants (Fenalco) Bogotá Section, which show that 80% of merchants of the clothing, footwear, beauty articles, florists, restaurants, and shopping centers sectors carry out discounts, promotions, or some type of special advertising to encourage purchases during the day.

"Merchants expect sales to increase over the next week: 54% expect this increase to be up to 10%, for 27% the expectations are higher", said Juan Esteban Orrego, director of Fenalco Bogotá.

But this is not the only sector to benefit, the restaurants expect the celebration to boost their sales by about seven percentage points, considering that there are no mobility restrictions that discourage consumption.

“During these days there is a preference for a la carte dishes that have some specifications. Likewise, companies usually celebrate this day and opt for special menus, which leaves a greater profit for the sector”, explained Guillermo Gómez, president of the Colombian Association of the Gastronomic Industry, Acodres.

Jewelry stores also hope to leverage their sales, although they are less optimistic about the impact women's day will have on their finances.

For the commercial manager of Jadel Jewelry, Luz Mila Chía, amid of the Covid-19 pandemic her business evolved and now has payment alternatives, “we did not have digital payment methods and now we already have other options such as virtual wallets, we have moved a lot with the deliveries, and we managed to get out with the page”.

On Women's Day, flowers, chocolates, and invitations to eat are the favorite details and it is estimated that Colombians will invest an average of 100,000 pesos in this celebration.

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