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Packaging trends

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What is new in the field of packaging sealing machines technology?

Currently single-component materials are used, this is, the glass is made of one material, the decoration and seal is made of this same material, so for example, we have aluminum and we can provide plastic seal packages or lids that can be used to open and close again.

What is the current trend in packaging development?

The trend is that packages are more environmentally friendly, which is why to produce them, we study the materials and manufacturing processes, looking that throughout the production process the least environmental impact is generated, in this way we reduce the weights of our products, we improve efficiencies, also the carbon footprints of products is tracked to know their impact, so everything is part of a sustainability issue.  

What is the biggest challenge faced by the industry today?

It is an industry that must evolve and evolve quickly, the one that does not reinvent itself is going to stay back. That is why companies strive to develop outstanding packaging. Today we can say that this has made the world reinvent itself in both consumption and packaging.

Are there any programs or services related to products that are environmentally friendly?

Grupo Phoenix develops sustainable practices that seek to educate customers and the community in general about responsible waste management. Among these initiatives, Transfórmate con Oruga stands out, a sustainable project developed in 2012, whose main objective is to recover plastic, paper, glass and aluminum containers after consumption, to prevent its final disposal from reaching the sanitary landfills. It promotes the recovery of these wastes through a mechanical technique that allows them to be reincorporated into a new production chain.

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