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*Based on the 2019 CAMACOL Servicios al usuario Report

Considering the 2019 administration and its results, we share with you some interesting facts that can aid in the projection of the construction sector evolution for 2020 and 2021.

  •  The links of the sector’s value chain not only depend or correspond to the residential units, but also contemplate destinies as institutional, offices, commercial, wineries, hotels, among others).
  • Considering the current scenario, the construction of buildings has positively influenced the production dynamics, employment generation and sales in construction linked sectors.
  • The production of buildings increases and participates in the GDP with an 8,1% (Data from 2019)    
  • The edification sector gathers among its activities the following aspects: construction services in 42, 8 % followed by cement, concrete and glass with 19, 3%, iron and steel with 6,2%, elaborated metallic products 5,8%, wood products 3,3%, rubber and plastic 3.0%, paintings and other associated products 3.0%            
  • Direct sectorial policies to the construction of buildings turns into something fundamental to generate positive impact on the sector and the general economy of the country.  

 In conclusion, even though there are some points to improve regarding the integration and management of the edification sector’s value chain, it is shown how it stood out in 2019 and how it can be projected for the following years.

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