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The construction sector in 2020

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Find out below some initiatives that have been successful for the continuity of construction businesses.

1. Human talent: having established, socialized, and internalized protocols have allowed the businesses of the sector to have a good execution plan. Some of the tools that have been implemented for this are: chats where internal leaders invite good practices, positive corporate messages, on-site signage, information disclosed in a prudent way and in pleasant formats.

2. Safety and planning: organize workdays so that employees feel safe and motivated on site. For this, it must have comprehensive security protocols, promotion of prevention, norms of coexistence, awareness-raising processes, and periodic training.

3. Sales: this process has become digital due to the current situation, so it is important that the teams are trained so that they can generate and stimulate demand in the real estate field, some of the current options are: model apartments in digital, appointments via digital platforms, lead capture and immediate support in questions and issues that customers want to approach.

4. Comprehensive plans for customers: many companies have taken the moment to review their offerings for users, seeking to complement their product options with alliances, for example with financial institutions.
If you are part of the construction sector, we invite you to consider these tips in your revival plans, together we can make the industry stronger.

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