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Reactivation of the manufacturing sector

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As of Saturday, August 29th, 49,331 companies in the manufacturing sector have requested a guarantee to restart work in the country. In Colombia, the manufacturing sector already shows signs of an almost complete reactivation and that is advancing quickly.

According to official data, 305 district and municipal administrations in which 308,553 firms from the manufacturing, commerce and services sectors operate, have requested endorsement and validation of the biosecurity protocols to operate again.

261,333 of these companies already had the approval to start their activities again, of which 46.7% belong to the commerce sector, 34.5% to services and 18.9% to manufacturing. Many of the authorized companies are in Bogotá (72,382), Antioquia (57,565), Valle del Cauca (25,274), Santander (21,741) and Atlántico (15,075).

The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, José Manuel Restrepo Abondano, highlighted progress in the process of economic reopening of companies in the manufacturing, trade and services sectors that have been authorized to resume activities.

According to Minister Restrepo, “the protocol validation and authorization process has been gradual and effective. Starting today, Tuesday, a new phase in the management of the pandemic begins in which it will be important for all Colombians to maintain self-care measures and rigorously follow biosecurity protocols in the face of the new normality. "

In the manufacturing sector, 49,331 companies have been authorized, representing 31% of those that could potentially return to operations in the 305 municipalities and cities in the sample Servicios al usuario Reported to MinComercio. The largest number of authorized manufacturing companies are in Bogota (15,908), Antioquia (11,550), Valle del Cauca (6,855), Santander (4,281) and Atlantico (2,386). In addition, according to the Davivienda Bank's Purchasing Management Index (PMI), as of July the industrial sector continued to expand in the country after the economy reopened.

The study, which is based on the responses of approximately 350 purchasing executives from different companies in this sector, serves as a reference for the dynamics that occur in the local economy. "Broadly speaking, the growth was due to the increase in production due to the reopening of the sector's operations," says the Servicios al usuario Report.
The document also highlights that, in August, for the third consecutive month, there was a monthly increase in Colombian industrial production. And that although the rate of expansion slowed compared to the past months, the news is encouraging and can be linked to the relaxation of the restrictive measures adopted for the gradual reopening of economic activities in the country.

On the other hand, he pointed out that a positive point that the companies in the sector highlighted was the improvement regarding business confidence and future production expectations. The degree of optimism was solid in general terms and it is expected that, as the economy reactivates, the figures will recover.

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