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Quality education, after covid-19

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With the declaration coronavirus as a pandemic, not only the health system but also the education system is put to the test. At present, all the rectors, boards of directors and parents' associations should be asking themselves: How are we going to sustain and improve educational quality, in the face of new circumstances and what role do new technologies play in this? How would it influence the large-scale higher-level educational experience? According to Robert Hsuing, CEO of the Chinese division of the EdTech Emeritus company, the conversation around educational technologies as an option in a health crisis like this no longer revolves around whether they work or not, but rather they can be quickly and efficiently implemented.

This can cause permanent changes in educational strategies, even after the pandemic. Once educational entities develop the skills to meet the needs of their students through technologies, there will be no reason to return to previous pedagogical models as the line between the face-to-face educational experience and the virtual educational experience will increasingly become more tenuous. With this health crisis that the world is going through, we see that the educational system has the technological resources for a quality education supported with the use of technologies. When the health crisis subsides, those structures will remain and usher in a new advance in pedagogy.

Quality education with the use of new technologies must meet the following parameters: Develop a pedagogical objective with very clear standards. Develop tools so that the teacher can explain the objectives of the class and each of the topics to be discussed Allow interaction with the student to assess their level of understanding of the subject matter, through listening to their points of view Allow collective learning Guarantee the evaluations

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