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Creative formulas to improve lives

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What is the future of the Creative Industry?

Here are 10 areas in which the creative and cultural economy could be harnessed to achieve sustainable development and prosperity in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

1. DISTRIBUTION OF SOCIAL INCOME Social networks attract content creators with revenue sharing models, inaugurating new formulas for digital creatives to earn money for their work.

2. THE ARTISTS Countries and communities turn to the arts as an essential component, in the face of natural and social disasters.

3. AMPLIFICATION OF CULTURE AND TRADITIONS Emerging technologies capture traditional knowledge and engage a new generation in world-class creative and cultural production.

4. PRO-CREATIVE FINANCING Governments find ways to reduce the risk of the creative and cultural economy through a combination of financing systems, investment channels, and social safety nets.

5. PLATFORM COOPERATIVISM Business and employment cooperatives provide the management, administrative support and professional services that freelance creatives need to earn a living.

6. MARKETS AND REGIONAL CREATIVE CLOUDS The new regional markets for cultural products help creatives to build a way of life and countries to create brands, energizing cultural exchange and integrating economies.

7. INSPIRED BY NATURE Biomimicry and synthetic biology combine to enable a suite of innovative biology-based products and services that reduce human damage to the environment.

8. QUANTIFYING THE CREATIVE IMPACT   New data collection and data analysis techniques provide a high-fidelity map of the benefits of the creative and cultural economy and a fresh perspective on how to amplify its value.

9. EMPOWERING WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY Women and girls are encouraged to view video game design and development as a welcoming industry and are supported to create female-run video game studios.

10. CHAIN OF BLOCKS FOR AUTHENTIFICATION OR BLOCKCHAIN Distributed ledger technologies democratize intellectual property and make it easier for creatives to be recognized and compensated for the products they create. Find more content of interest to your company by exploring the ecosystems.