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How did comics arise in Colombia?

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Throughout history, comic strips have managed to conquer thousands of people around the world by telling fictional stories or by portraying a real event in a humorous or satirical way. We will tell you how comics were born in our country.

-1924 Mojicón: Arturo Manrique, owner of the newspaper Mundo al Día, realized that comic strips were very fashionable in the United States and decided to do the same in his newspaper. Thus, was born Mojicón, an adaptation of the american Smitty.

--1943 Amacise and Misia Escopeta: Don Amacise was a man who shamelessly accommodated himself to the political situation of the moment, while Misia Escopeta was a woman who did not stop complaining.

--- 1944 Godofredo Cascarrabias: A caricature of an extremely conservative who, together with his faithful interlocutor, criticizes everything that comes his way.

---- 1962 Copetín: This comic strip had as its protagonist a boy who lives in the streets of the center of Bogota, his stories reflected the inequality, harshness, and insecurity of the capital.

----- 1969 Calarcá: This character of great cunning and dominance was the cacique Calarcá, head of the Pijao tribe. For several years, the image of him lasted minted on the dimes, which were circulating at that time.

------ 1980 Los Monos: It was the most important publication of Colombian comics of the eighties.
------- 1991 Charly G and Dina: Charly G was a street musician, at that time mariachis, vallenatos and musicians who got on buses to sing were very fashionable. Dina put university life on the table, but from the point of view of a girl who was studying communication.

-------- 1992 El bus and Acme Comics: The magazine ‘El bus’, was a publication to sell on public transport. Then there is Acme Comics magazine, which was a publication of great visual quality.

--------- 1999 Men of Steel: Cartoon about the adventures of the soldiers of the National Army. In October of the same year, the First National Comics Convention was inaugurated.

---------- 2000 Magola: She is a heroine who must reconcile work, home, marriage, and social life. She was born as a response to those explosive women that male colleagues drew.

----------- 2008 Dream Tales: First Colombian comic in digital format, which includes Falom's first adventure.

Despite time, comics have managed to maintain their prominence among different generations, their relevance has led to the development of various events around them, such as Comic Con Colombia or the Leisure or Fantasy Hall (SOFA). Within the framework of these trade shows, organized by Corferias, different premieres of the Colombian comic continue to be seen.

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