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The cultural and creative industries have been one of the sectors that has been most affected by the pandemic. Many projects stopped and had to be transformed to reach people's homes. For this reason, today more than ever the cultural platforms of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce have represented an important boost for the recovery of these industries.

Which are the cultural and creative platforms of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce?

Cultural platforms are events in which the different actors of the cultural and creative industry can connect to accelerate their growth and the quality of their products and services. These arise as a strategy for there to be greater collaboration between companies, government, academia, and entities related to the clusters of graphic communication, music and creative and content industries, clothing, leather, footwear, and leather goods, jewelery and costume that exist in Bogota-Region.

These platforms are:

International Art Fair, which was launched in 2004 and has since allowed the promotion and circulation of the plastic and visual arts. Since then, the objective of this program has been the promotion and positioning of Bogota as a destination for culture and business.

Bogota Audiovisual Market (BAM):
Event created in 2009 that aims to disseminate the national offer of projects in development, finished films and services related to audiovisual production.

Bogota Music Market (BOmm):
Space designed in 2011 for musicians, composers, producers, agencies, entrepreneurs, brands, record companies and publishers to discover new business opportunities and learn about the latest trends in the music industry.

Bogota Fashion Week (BFW):
In 2017, it was created with the aim of turning the city into a fashion business capital of international stature, focused on design. They bring together multiple national and international actors to promote the creative talent of emerging and consolidated COLOMBIAN designers, strengthen their brands and expand their market.

Bogota Madrid Fusion:
It is the newest platform. It was developed in partnership with the Vocento Group of Spain, to turn the city into the epicenter of gastronomy in Latin America, bringing together multiple national and international cooks and chefs to promote creative talent and exalt the biodiversity and flavors of the country.

What is the impact of these platforms?
These platforms have a particularity, and that is that they are not only events that bring together specialized people from each sector, but also make it possible to carry out business between new artists and the industry. This means that the results can be seen in a tangible way in the growth of the creators and of each sector.

In each of these platforms, in addition to having academic spaces to keep up to date with the latest trends, business matchmakings are held in which artists present their cultural and/or creative offerings with production companies, galleries, among others. This has allowed that, in past years, for example, the galleries participating in ARTBO could close deals of 40 thousand dollars, that in the BAM they will close deals for 35 million dollars; that the BOmm managed to make 1,200 business appointments and that 350 appointments with buyers from different parts of the world would be held at the BFW.

For this reason, the possibility that these platforms have not canceled their events in 2020, but, on the contrary, have been transformed to do them virtually, means that the business opportunities that artists manage to have are not lost and these events be a solution for the economic recovery of this industry.