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  The fabric market is wide and varied, with characteristics that conform to what entrepreneurs and designers seek to make the perfect garment. However, sometimes the beauty of the cloth may prevail over the quality and then not obtain the desired result. Below, we share a list of recommendations that could be very useful when choosing your supplies:

  • Resistance and quality: Expose the fabric to light and check its thickness and transparency, if the second is very high, its quality should be questioned.  
  • Elasticity: If for your creations you need to choose a fabric with high elasticity, we advise you to stretch a piece of it, leave it in that position for a few seconds, and then let it sag, depending on whether it quickly returns to its original shape it can determine if it has high or low elasticity, if it returns easily and quickly that is the indicated one, if on the contrary it is deformed, do not take it into account, it will surely lose the silhouettes quickly  
  • Fibers: Make a test with your thumbs, in order to determine if the fibers of the fabric are homogeneous or have deformities, your touch is essential to choose the best inputs.  
  • Make tests: one of the most effective to choose an excellent quality fabric is to cut a patch, place it wrapped in your fist, leave it in this position for 15 or 20 seconds and then let it sag, if the fabric is very wrinkled it can indicate that it is Low quality, except Linen.  
  • Weight can tell you about functionality: Check the weight of the fabric, so that your creations are comfortable and functional for your clients, for this cut a meter of fabric and place it on the palm of your hand, so you can lift your weight and set if it is the correct input to develop your product.  
  • Manufacturing: A tip that can be used to establish if the manufacturing process was correct is to check if the rolls of fabrics come uniformly, since there are many companies that when they finish their process do not ensure that the width and length comply with the parameters.  
  • Color: The fabrics must comply with their patterns, must be uniform and have the same tone or the same appliques in all their extension, must not vary by area

Their inputs are the main basis for their products to be of excellent quality and to be preferred by users in such a competitive market.

Also remember:

  • Start the selection process based on a list of the products you consider necessary, with this you can carry out an investigation in a more orderly and assertive way, about market prices.
  • Choose suppliers with a good track record and references that offer guarantees for their products
  • Consider that economy does not always equate to quality, however, there are products that achieve the ideal balance between cost and benefit

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