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Myths that are woven on textiles

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  • Is polyester the same as nylon?

No! Nylon is a synthetic polymer, and polyesters can be of natural or synthetic origins.

  • Are all fabrics machine washable?

No! Garments usually have care and washing information on their labels.
Silk garments: preferably hand wash.
Linen garments: resistant fabric with high moisture absorption capacity.
Cotton garments: can be washed in the washing machine without problems, with hot water and spin.
Polyester - nylon garments: it is recommended to wash them with warm water in the washing machine.

  • Why is silk one of the most expensive fabrics?

World silk production is very small:
About 50,000 tons are manufactured each year.
To obtain a 1 kilo of untreated silk, up to 10 kilos of cocoon are needed.
If we wanted to make a dress, we need almost 70 kilos of mulberry leaves.

  • Is polyester better than cotton?

No! Neither fiber is better than the other. Polyester is 100% man-made and was designed to replace cotton.

  • Is polyester a worthless fabric?

Not at all! polyester textiles are:
-Lightweight and easy to wash
-They do not shrink or stretch
-They adapt easily
-They tend to keep their shape
-Can be machine washed
-No ironing required

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