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Textile sector figures

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Projection of the fashion sector and current status

We tell you some figures of this sector so that you are more informed

  • In February of this year, Colombian households spent $ 2.34 billion pesos on the fashion basket.
  • Expenditure on the textile industry increased 4% in the first two months of the year
  • At the beginning of the year a person bought 28 garments, one more than last year

  • The import of footwear and leather goods continue to grow, the local industry represents 50% of shoe sales
  • Medellín is one of the cities with the highest growth in textile spending with 6.4%
  • Electronic commerce is positioning itself strongly in Colombia. One of the categories that is growing the most is fashion, which has positioned the country in the top three in South America in this type of sale.

  • According to figures from the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce, 46% of buyers purchase products related to fashion and beauty.
  • The leather goods industry punctuated manufacturing activity in 2019, achieving a growth of 15%.


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