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10 tips to be successful in virtual business matchmaking

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The way of doing business has been transformed thanks to technology, that is why we want to share with you 10 tips that will help you be successful in virtual business matchmaking. 

1.  Research: thanks to technological advances and social networks, you can previously research the needs and development that your potential buyers have had, this will give you clarity on how your product meets the demands of your client.
2. Plan: identify the objective you want to achieve with the virtual business matchmaking: position your brand, obtain a contract and network. With this clearly in mind, plan how you can achieve your goal.
3. Know the culture: if you have a meeting with a potential buyer from another country it is important that you know their culture, the meaning of the correct words and their proper use, as well as the appropriate clothing will give you an advantage when closing a deal.
4. Good corporate image: it is key to have a good website and a corporate contact email. Do not forget details like having a good internet connection and determining your price list in dollars.

5. Establish a conversation: ask questions of your potential clients, the fact of generating a conversation and showing interest in the person you are arguing with tends to generate a better personal relationship.
6. Know your product or service: have a well planned and short speech, where the potential of what you are offering is evident. During the conversation with clients or investors it is important to listen to them, understand what their concerns and needs are.
7. Take notes: the notes become essential for you to remember important topics, as well as commitments made with potential buyers.

8. Pending tasks: taking into account the notes you took during the event, you will know what commitments you have pending. Send the sketches, technical sheets and quotes to those potential clients or buyers.
9. Connect: send a thank you email to those with whom you were talking, it is important to maintain relationships with people who are interested in your product and business model.
10. Evaluate: By analyzing the entire process, you will discover the weaknesses and strengths, which will allow you to improve your strategy and prepare for the next business conference.

These recommendations were delivered by Procolombia, the entity in charge of attracting foreign investment, leveraging the country's exports and promoting the expansion of national companies.