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Undoubtedly, technology has revolutionized the different economic activities and of course fashion could not be the exception, an industry that has historically stood out for carrying out several processes manually begins to migrate towards digitization to be more efficient and competitive.

In the national market there are already programs or software that seek to provide solutions to optimize various processes in the industry, which can help to conquer new markets and close deals with important brands in the sector.

This is the case of Coats, a company dedicated to the development of manufacturing activities to produce threads and yarns for clothing and footwear, as well as the sale of fasteners and accessories.

This company has been in the Colombian market for 69 years and in the face of new trends it decided to venture into the development of technological programs to improve its processes, thus Coats Digital was born.

“There are many softwares that are generic and what is done are adaptations for the garment industry. What we did was create several specific programs for this sector", said Diego Hernández, technical advisor at Coats Digital.

Among the solutions offered is VisionPLM, a web-based tool that simplifies and integrates the key pre-production processes required for a style to be approved and ready for production.

“The program provides 'one version of the truth' from product and material design and development to sample follow-up, approvals and costs, as well as purchase order follow-up. This process is usually done in Excel, emails and WhatsApp”, said the expert.

In the industry there are also specialized programs for the purchase of fabrics based on data for a precise consumption of the product; as well as visual production planning tools that optimize deliveries.

With these programs, in addition to optimizing processes, it is possible to conquer new markets, “if I want to be a contractor for an international brand, the first thing they are going to ask me is to have the cost calculation digitized, because it is the way to negotiate".

For example, making pants can take 15 minutes and has an established rate, but "if the buyer wants it at a lower price, then you can talk about which pocket to remove to reduce time and cost", Hernández concluded.

Coats is currently linked to econexia, so you can find it present at business matchmaking and virtual showcases, where its most outstanding products are available.

This ecosystem of solutions is possible thanks to programs such as ‘Compra lo Nuestro’ from Colombia Productiva and the support of INNpulsa, the Government of Boyaca and the Ministry of ICT.

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