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In various sectors, climate change has influenced, to generate innovations and new ways of acting, including the fashion and clothing sector, in which technology has played a fundamental role, to find environmentally friendly alternatives for the management of inputs and processes.

Technology 4.0: according to the Hootsuite Servicios al usuario Report, 6 out of 10 jobs are projected for future automation, so it is important to review ways to adapt and organize to be flexible and adapt business models considering these new technologies that will surely be a fundamental part of the processes that currently require personnel.

Virtual transactions: at this time, they are essential, for this reason businesses that did not have this type of tools have chosen to open these payment options. For this, banking entities have also been transformed by offering transactional facilities by means other than business accounts.

The inputs: one of the most relevant advances in recent years, are those related to the materials used, since they have been transformed to offer buyers high performance, intelligent uses and adaptability according to needs.

The future is now: according to the Hootsuite Servicios al usuario Report, 67% of the world population has access to mobile devices, due to this growing need to obtain and use technology it is important to keep in mind the transformations that fashion will have to incur to satisfy needs such as: charging of mobile devices or information storage.

For these alternatives, textiles will have to innovate and evolve, providing through their compositions, types of solutions to users.

Nanotechnology: it is projected that clothing will also be able to adapt, changing its resistance capacity, color, texture, thickness, and other properties, according to the needs and environments of the users.
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