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Is fashion a reflection of society?

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Many people define fashion as a personal expression that each human being defines according to their own tastes, personality, and style, but the reality is that the trends that are presented are a collective reflection of the general society, and of the events that have marked it through the years.

Let us see some cases below, which can be proof of this theory:

One of the events that marked society in Europe was the French Revolution, because of this milestone there was a change that was aimed at ideals such as freedom and equality. Fashion also undergoes changes, going from the extravagant style and very striking ornaments, to the use of more delicate, light and elegant garments.

The fight for women's rights and achieve their equality in their role within society, in areas such as labor, politics and even scientists are also represented in the changes that have taken place, for example in the use of suits, pants, shorts, among other alternatives that were previously unthinkable and even inappropriate.

The use of corsets, ties, and a lot of makeup as a synonym for being a woman has also changed over the years. Today women are free to choose and wear what most identifies them, among the large number of options for looks and fashion styles.

After the Second World War, the color palette that was related to delicate, elegant, and feminine also changed. Women not only already wore pants for their activities, but also wore dark shades.

In the 50's, when the public began to be influenced by American consumerism, women included jackets made of different materials, even daring textures such as leather, in their outfits. In addition, pastel tones are back and interesting combinations are created.

In the 90's, society experienced the boom of models worldwide, with much more natural looks, unkempt hair and basic outfits.

Many decades ago, fashion was a way of fitting in and following a pattern, today it can be used to adapt to a group as it was then or also to differentiate itself.

Fashion has always been very relevant in society, not only because of aesthetic and style issues, but because they are the cultural, political and identity reflection of the time.

Today, this sector has transcended so much that collections are no longer made seasonally or every year, but there are various proposals that are based on current events all the time. There are also different audiences, which makes it not so predictable that it is right or wrong, many people can be fashionists from their identity or personal taste.

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