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With more than a thousand meetings, the fashion business matchmaking

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The second edition of the Fashion and Clothing ecosystem business matchmaking takes place with the participation of 1,199 national and international companies, from March 23rd to 26th, 2021.

For this matchmaking, around 1,500 business appointments were arranged, of which more than 1,100 virtual meetings will be held this week.

As a result, an average of 275 meetings take place every day and 45 virtual meetings take place each hour, simultaneously, through the appropriate platform for econexia.

850 applicants and 349 sellers from 12 countries participate in the business matchmaking: Colombia, Poland, Ecuador, Peru, Cuba, Nicaragua, Chile, Panama, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Costa Rica.

For entrepreneurs linked to econexia, this space allows them to expand their connections, expand their businesses and generate new investment opportunities.
This is the case of Andrea Ruíz, manager of Andrea Ruiz Leather Goods, a Colombian company dedicated to the design and manufacture of handbags and wallets, “we consider it to be a great alternative to offer our products, make ourselves known, leverage the economy of our country and mitigate the consequences that have occurred during the time of the pandemic”.

For the manager of Uniformes Rocos, Ronald León Colmenares, participating in the business matchmaking becomes an opportunity to “publicize our company, enhance it and expand our market. We work on everything that is business endowment and this space allows us to meet suppliers”.

In the first edition of the business matchmaking of the Fashion and Clothing ecosystem, the entrepreneurs who participated achieved business expectations of 10.2 billion pesos. The figure is expected to increase by about 10% this year.