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One of the sectors that has managed to benefit of the crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic was beekeeping, which achieved a 30% increase in honey sales and a 40% increase in the commercialization of propolis, according to figures from the Colombian Federation of Beekeepers and Bee Breeders (Fedeabejas).

The union pointed out that, during the pandemic, Colombian households have turned to natural remedies to treat symptoms related to cold or cough, which has boosted the sales of these products, which have properties to strengthen the immune system.

Figures from the Federation indicate that national honey production also increased during the previous year, from 3,500 tons of honey in 2019 to about 4,000 tons of honey in 2020. 

Considering the potential that honey has, some companies have diversified and are entering new market strategies with the implementation and creation of flavored and infused honeys, to increase the consumption of the product in Colombia.
This is the case of Frutalia, a company that is dedicated to the production of honey with propolis and dehydrated fruit, an undertaking that seeks to increase the country's per capita consumption, which currently reaches 83 grams. 

"We are looking to make other products different from traditional honey, the combination of honey with propolis and dehydrated fruit, for example, has had a good acceptance in the market, in addition this product is preserved for about a year", says Wiliam Cortes, commercial director of Frutalia.

And it is that natural honey has a large market in Colombia, considering that currently the sector is only covering 20% of internal demand, that is, 80% of honey consumption is adulterated or falsified in the national territory.

"The product we produce goes very well with pancakes, with bread and it can even be consumed alone, we plan to expand our portfolio in the future so that sales continue to grow," explained Cortes.

The Federation also highlights that the country could position itself as an exporter of high-quality honey and pollen, since it would offer a product of great multifloral richness, thanks to the fact that Colombia is home to all climates and microclimates during any time of the year within all thermal floors existing in the national geography. 

"In terms of honey production, Colombia occupies eighth place in Latin America, but if we manage to increase the amount of hives to 500 thousand, we will move to third place, behind Argentina and very close to countries such as Mexico and Brazil", explained the president of Fedeabejas, Fabio Diaz.

In Colombia, this trade generates more than 4,000 permanent jobs and 6,000 indirect ones. The sector wants the country to have one million additional hives in five years, to be added to the 140,000 existing ones.

If you are an entrepreneur in the sector or are interested in venturing into the honey business, which promises to continue growing in the coming years, you can join Econexia, an ecosystem of connections, so that small and large entrepreneurs can boost their business.


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