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This is how the Horeca sector can recover

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Hotels, restaurants and catering (Horeca) are part of the most affected segments by the covid-19 pandemic, it is estimated that only in Bogotá 11% of companies closed their doors during 2020, of this universe 91% of companies are concentrated in three sectors: services, commerce and industry.

In the webinar organized by econexia and supported by the Bogotá Chamber, Bill Hansen Catering & Event Production, Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, Grove Bay Hospitality Group and Fontainebleau Miami Beach; Horeca industry experts in the United States share their experience and provide some recommendations.

The leaders agreed that it is necessary for entrepreneurs to adapt to the new reality, which implies the transformation of their spaces to offer customers security.

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"Restaurants that have outdoor spaces and can serve their food outdoors will surely recover faster, but you also have to make use of technology because contact with the customer has been lost and using social networks to reconnect with the customer is important” Noted chef Andrew Platt.
Along the same lines, chef Thomas Connel indicates that “it is not the same for a guest to read a complete menu to see it on his phone, he does not have the patience to go up and down, the waiters have to talk a lot to explain the virtual menu, that is why we are thinking of using the letter again but that it is guided by our employees”.

In the catering sector, the expert, Lina Cruz, affirms that this year seems to be promising, because family events such as weddings remain strong, although corporate congresses have not yet been reactivated.

“We have had a heavy year due to cancellations and closings, but 2021 started in a surprising way, weddings are incessant. What remains non-existent is the corporate side because many companies have turned to digital so that their employees continue to work from home”.

Experts point out that, although the vaccine against covid-19 will help the sector improve its figures, only until mid-2022 will it be possible to recover all the ground lost during the pandemic.

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