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What is digital agromarketing?

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These are actions that are part of a strategy to help an agricultural company develop its brand identity and relationship management through digital channels.

These tactics and tools allow significant growth, visibility of products and services, as well as help the credibility and trust as such of said company.

How do you start to implement this strategy in a traditional business?

It is important to have the appropriate technologies and the network to access this
Know and learn about the subject to use resources appropriately
Open the platforms and work them in an organized way
Measure and analyze what has been implemented, to manage what is working
Have a good segmentation from the elaboration of your buyer person (ideal client)

What advantages can you get?
Measurable results through statistics
Greater reach and capture of audiences of your interest
By generating an effective strategy, you can achieve higher sales
You can reach audiences that may not know you physically

What tools can you use?

SEO: If you have a website or a content blog, it is important that you consider the positioning in search engines such as Google. This is achieved by implementing keywords that your audience generally searches on the internet, improving the loading time of your website, and easily offering online services, products, and experiences. To strengthen this, it is advisable to have a presence in at least one social network.
Social networks: This sector is increasingly present in this type of digital channels, thus improving its visibility before other audiences.
Email marketing: If you have a good customer base, you can implement the email tool, communicating strategically and assertively, without generating message saturation. Use this medium to reach new customers, offer promotions and inform about highly relevant topics of your product or service.
Video platforms: this type of content is close to the audiences related to agriculture and generates a pleasant experience.
If you liked these tips and are looking for more technology options for your business, we invite you to connect with the Expoagrofuturo fair, which takes place in Bogota and Medellín to update the agricultural sector in Colombia.

You can also continue browsing this agro ecosystem, to learn more about trends.


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